What Is an Employee Advocacy Program?

employee advocacy program

As we’ve pointed out in previous posts, there are many benefits to employee advocacy, both for companies and employees. To get the most out of those benefits, you need an employee advocacy program.

An employee advocacy program uses a systematic approach that includes a documented, ongoing process, takes advantage of marketing technology for delivery of content and for measurement, and is assigned to one or more individuals who not only post messages but also establish, measure and report on goals.

Documenting the program

Writing down the plan is important because it aligns the team and company around employee advocacy. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy or complicated document. The document (aka marketing brief) should: 

  • explain the reasons why you’re using employee advocacy
  • describe how employee advocacy aligns with the overall marketing strategy, including social media plans, content distribution and demand generation
  • define processes such as the cadence and the social media channels used for posting content
  • establish deadlines, goals and tasks
  • define the team members involved and their responsibilities

The document should be presented to and approved by top marketing management. 

Employee Advocacy Solution  

The program should be as efficient and scalable as possible and it should track key metrics. That’s where technology comes into play. Evaluate employee advocacy solutions such as Please Share and select one that automates and measures key elements of your program while delivering high ROI

Employee Advocacy Program Adoption

With a plan, established process, team members and technology in place, employee advocacy can become part of an organization’s ongoing marketing and business strategy.  

The program should be announced and launched for existing employees. It should also be included in new hire onboarding. Employee advocacy results should be presented by top executives along with other regular company updates to keep it top of mind and top employee advocates should be recognized for their contributions.  

Continuous Improvement

Once the program is launched and implemented, the program document should be used as the basis to review the plan every quarter to see if it’s on track with the established goals. You can also use the document to add lessons learned and propose changes to improve results. 

Employee Advocacy Campaigns

To keep employees motivated, It’s a good idea to boost excitement around employee advocacy a few times each year. A great way to do this is to launch a contest that rewards top advocates by tracking performance via a leaderboard for a set period of time. The contest can take place around a product launch or annual user conference, for example, to boost social media activity for those events. 

Final Thoughts

To achieve real results, you need more than a one-and-done approach to employee advocacy. Take the time to develop a written plan, invest in an employee advocacy solution and make employee advocacy a consistent, continuous activity that drives business results. 

Need more reasons to have an employee advocacy program? Check out our next blog post.