We’ve Got Something Brewing, Again!

Something brewing

It was basically a year ago when we used this same image to tease out a new initiative that we had been working on. That feature, Feeds, has become the most used functionality by Please Share customers. To date, most companies who use Please Share have set their employee advocacy initiatives on autopilot while making it easy for their employees to boost engagement with company posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

An Instinctive Hunch

As one of the founders of Please Share, I pay close attention to the overall usage of the service and the company activities captured in our logs. This helps me (and my teammates) monitor the performance and health of Please Share as well as proactively address potential customer issues.

In Please Share, we have built an incredible easy to use and affordable solution that’s available to companies of all shapes and sizes. The service is used by companies (and their employees) that are located in many different corners of the world. And as a bootstrapped startup, we are on the cusp of becoming profitable. There’s a lot to be proud of so far in our relatively short history.

Still, I have sensed that something’s been missing for a while now – something I had not been able to pinpoint until recently. Sometimes ideas just need time to mature and formulate before they present themselves to you. I know this all too well as an entrepreneur, but it can be hard to be patient.

When Inspiration Hits

But after introducing our new and improved reporting capabilities, some concepts started to present themselves to me – slowly at first and then the floodgates open. Psychologists refer to this as “flow” – where one’s ideas and overall productivity are at a much higher level than their typical output. It’s one thing to have an idea, it’s another to think through the many details – UI, workflows, FAQs, marketing, content, etc. When all of these things start to come together in a coherent manner, I know that I’m in my entrepreneurial flow.

I’ve been in my flow for the past month or so and in that time many ideas and concepts about a new initiative have crystallized. What’s more encouraging for me though, is that my teammates immediately realized the potential and have bought in.

Sorry, You’ll Have to Wait

While I would be doing a disservice to our company to share any specifics now, I wanted to write this post to let you know that something else is brewing again at Please Share. I can’t say exactly when this project will ship, but I can tell you that development started this week. We have the concept mapped out, most of the UI elements completed, and marketing collateral drafted. Now it’s time to execute.

So stay tuned for some exciting updates from the Please Share team in the not-too-distant future!