Post to private Slack channels – New feature

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Please Share now offers the ability to post updates to private channels in a company’s Slack workspace.

Customers can now send share requests and engagement requests to non-public workspace channels. For example, if your company has a private channel for their executive team (e.g., exec-team), they can now send requests from Please Share to that specific channel – where the updates will only be seen by employees who are members of that particular channel.

Originally, Please Share only allowed customers to post updates to public channels within their Slack workspace. This decision was primarily driven by wanting to minimize the permission scopes required to install the Please Share app in Slack.

After several customer requests, however, we modified our app to enable customers to post to private Slack channels. One use case example is from a company that used Slack’s Connect to collaborate with their customers, partners and vendors. As a result, they did not want the wider community – who might access their public channels in their workspace – to see the share/engagement requests (or feel obligated to promote the company’s content).

By adding Please Share to a private Slack channel, the company can ensure the requests are only seen by intended parties within their organization.

New Permission Scopes

In order to enable the ability to post to private Slack channels, we added the groups:read and groups:write scope to our Slack app, which can be seen in our Slack app listing. While the new scope is clearly noted, it’s not the default installation.

This is a little confusing – one of the nuances of working with Slack – but the installation link in the Slack app will only allow customers to post updates to public workspace channels, which is somewhat by design as we want to minimize the required app permissions as much as possible.

That said, if a company wants to use Please Share to post updates to private channels, we have an alternative installation link that includes those permission scopes. If you would like that link or simply discuss these options in more detail, please email us at

We’ve Got You Covered

Companies use Slack in many different ways – from coordinating within departments, across the organization or across many organizations. With this recent update, Please Share can adapt to any scenarios in terms of whom a company chooses to help promote and distribute brand-approved messages and content.