New Engagement Statistics & Functionality

In the coming months, we plan to revamp the statistics that we currently track and report on in Please Share. These enhancements will provide innovative ways for companies to monitor their employee advocacy initiatives and their return on investment (ROI).

To (hopefully) hold our customers over until then, we recently introduced several new reporting features that we want to highlight in this blog post.

Engagement Statistics 

When logged into the Please Share web application, customers can now access aggregate engagement reporting details by visiting the Statistics page.

The information presented in this view includes:

  • The number of LinkedIn posted fetched this month by Please Share
  • The number of Tweets fetched this month by Please Share
  • Total number of Likes, Re-shares (Retweets) and Comments (Replies) – in a given month – across LinkedIn and Twitter
  • The number of monthly LinkedIn Likes, Re-shares and Comments generated through Please Share
  • And the number of monthly Twitter Likes, Retweets and Replies generated through Please Share

Data for each of these metrics are updated in real time.

Download Statistics

We also added functionality that enables account administrators to download aggregate monthly Share and Engagement statistics. 

On top of the Statistics page, simply select the Download Statistics button, then choose the year you want to download, and then the green Download button. This will generate a CSV file that can be opened in Excel and shared within your organization.

Release History

In the frequently asked questions section of our marketing website, we added a Product Update section where existing and prospective customers can see some of the improvements we have added to Please Share. 

While we have had quite a few updates over the past year or so, we decided to start listing updates from September 2021 forward.

If you’re interested in trying Please Share, select the Add to Slack button on our homepage to start a 14-day free trial.

Thanks for reading!