Introducing the Please Share Interactive Demo

Coming off the heels of our recent product update, we are pleased to announce that we have also added an interactive demo on our marketing website.

With a big hat tip to the team at Karma for inspiring us, the interactive demo provides a way to test drive Please Share’s employee advocacy solution before installing the app into a company’s Slack workspace.

Try Sending Share Requests

From the right-hand menu, click New Content, Job Posting, or Company Event to send share requests to Slack. When the updates appear in the main content area, post the messages to Twitter or LinkedIn by selecting the respective buttons. 

Though the demo will not actually post a message to a social media channel, it’s designed to replicate what team members experience when they interact with Please Share’s employee advocacy solution within Slack.

Try Sending Engagement Requests

Visitors can also test engagement requests, the latest enhancement to Please Share. 

With engagement requests, companies have an entirely new way to leverage employee advocacy. 

Simply add a company’s LinkedIn account and/or Twitter handle to Please Share, and the service will automatically fetch new posts and send them to a designated Slack channel. Employees can like, re-share, or comment on posts without leaving the Slack interface.

Try in Your Slack Workspace

In addition to the demo, Please Share includes a 14-day free trial, so companies are free to install the app without committing to purchasing the service. 

Simply select the Add to Slack button on the Please Share homepage to begin a trial. Alternatively, get in touch with us to schedule a live demo.