Introducing Please Share – An Employee Advocacy Solution

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched the Please Share website and we are now accepting requests to join our beta program.

Please Share is a new type of employee advocacy solution that helps marketers and HR professionals boost the reach of their social media posts by making it super easy and fun for employees to share company news and content on their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

What makes Please Share unique is that we are the first employee advocacy solution specifically designed for Slack. 

Why we chose to build on Slack

With Please Share, our goal has been to build a solution that’s incredibly easy to use and that delivers tangible value to our customers. In Slack, we found a vibrant ecosystem where end users are familiar with the interface and workflows, and they understand the concept of apps. Most importantly, it’s a tool where employees already spend a considerable amount of time while at work.

Improve results and ROI

Companies invest a tremendous amount of resources into creating marketing content, so it makes sense to turn to employees to help distribute that content. But if it’s not easy to share content and it takes too much time away from their jobs, employees won’t participate.

By offering a Slack app, we’re providing a solution that helps employees share content in seconds. As a result, companies can boost social media reach by 5x, improve traffic and increase conversions. Companies that don’t have an employee advocacy solution can now implement one without spending a lot of money or time training people on how to use the services. Businesses with an existing employee advocacy platform can test Please Share and see how it compares.

With Please Share, employees don’t need to register for, log in to and receive training on additional software or applications. They can start sharing your posts the same day you implement Please Share.

Give us a try

We’ve got a great solution for any company looking to increase its content ROI. For short money that pays off quickly, Please Share offers a straightforward and simple solution that works seamlessly with Slack.

If this sounds interesting to you, submit a request to join our beta program. We provide a free trial and plan to make Please Share available to everyone by October. 

Supercharge your social media marketing and employee advocacy initiatives. Get started with Please Share today.