Find Please Share in the Slack App Directory

We are excited to announce that Please Share has officially been added to the Slack app directory!

Now any company using Slack can add the Please Share app to their workspace to encourage their employees to promote news and announcements on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The entire process – from adding Please Share to Slack to posting your first update – can be done in as little as 5 minutes.  

This milestone is a huge leap forward for our team – something worth celebrating.

We built Please Share to be incredibly easy to use – from the admin interface to the end user/employee experience – but designing an app to work with Slack is very different than building a freestanding app. From the registration process to latency challenges and from the end-user experience to proactively addressing potential support requests, everything’s a little different than if we had built Please Share independently from Slack.

That’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed building the app, but the process took a little longer than expected. Twice in 2020 we were ready to submit Please Share to the app directory, but we held off to change some of the workflows and then to address a nagging latency issue.

With those tasks behind us, earlier this month, we submitted Please Share to the Slack app directory and – after making a few minor adjustments to our support site – we were approved late Friday night.

We’re going to do some promotions early next year but if you’re reading this and interested in giving Please Share a try, you can do so right here.