Empower Employees to Broadcast Company Messages

employees broadcast company messages

Social media platforms provide a valuable tool for companies to gain visibility and drive traffic, but it can be difficult for businesses to expand the reach of their messages on these channels by themselves.

For social media managers, marketing staff, HR managers, and public relations teams, however, there is some good news. In their employees, they have access to an underutilized resource – that is, provided they know how to leverage them. Here's how to empower employees to broadcast and amplify your content:

Trusted & Motivated Team

Employees are often a company’s biggest advocates. An employee who is proud, passionate, and outspoken about his or her company is a trusted and valued voice. According to Deloitte, customers have a higher retention rate when they’re referred by brand advocates.

Additionally, with the growing adoption of social selling, employees are key not only in generating leads but also in building awareness. And that, in turn, helps to nurture potential opportunities. 

Preparing Your Team

To ensure employees are equipped with the tools and the motivation to broadcast company content on their profiles, they must be satisfied with their work and be willing to share on social media. 

It may seem daunting if they are not familiar or confident in posting messages. That’s why it’s important to empower them. Provide them with best practices, ongoing support, and tools that simplify the process of broadcasting company content. 

For example, employees are more likely to broadcast company messages when they feel that the content is relevant, so it’s important to make sure it resonates with both your target audiences and your employees.

An Ideal Solution to Empower Employees

An effective way for companies to empower employees to broadcast company content is by using Please Share. It's the first employee advocacy solution specifically designed for Slack. Once added to your company’s Slack workspace, it only takes a few seconds for employees to review, share and engage with company content. 

With Please Share, it’s never been easier to encourage your employees to help build reach and awareness on social media channels.

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