Employee Advocacy Overview: Video

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Welcome to our new video series! In this first video, we offer an employee advocacy overview, highlighting the Please Share employee advocacy solution. We discuss why employee advocacy is important, employee advocacy benefits and why marketers and social media managers should use an employee advocacy solution like Please Share.

What is employee advocacy and why do companies need it?

Here's a standard definition. “Employee advocacy is a process whereby somebody who works at an organization, promotes and amplifies the organization's messages and social media content.” Marketing or HR departments will occasionally send out brand-approved messages that they're looking to distribute more broadly on social media channels. So they make requests to their employees to interact with and share those messages.

Why do companies need employee advocacy? Since they invest in a lot of content including eBooks, blogs, videos, job recs and more to build brand awareness, promote thought leadership, generate leads or even recruit, they want to get the highest levels of engagement and reach as cost effectively as possible. By using employee advocacy to increase engagement and reach, companies can spend less on paid ads to broadcast their content. As a result, employee advocacy delivers higher ROI than other content distribution strategies.

The current state of employee advocacy

Although Please Share is a relatively new company, the concept of employee advocacy has been around for at least a decade. Our competitors offer different types of solutions including web apps, or mobile apps, or some that even distribute content requests through email.

Why use Please Share

Please Share's superpower is that it's specifically designed for Slack so that employees don't have to use yet another app during their workday. Slack is a channel and a tool that people use every single day, so why not use it as the engagement point for employee advocacy? There's nothing for employees to have to register for, download or log into beyond Slack. Additionally, our solution is very easy to use and is affordable compared to other solutions.

This informal video is the first in a series. Upcoming videos will show how our solution works and highlight key functionality such as posting updates, configuring feeds, tracking reporting details, and more.