Easily Search for Slack Channels when Creating Share Requests

Product announcement

The next time you log in to the Please Share web application, you may notice something different on the default screen. More specifically, we have added a new section called “Send Share Request To.”

Directly below the Description field, the new section enables end users to search for Slack channels and select a specific channel for where the share request should be posted. 

Initially, this feature was found deep in our Settings page. We assumed that companies would only post to a single channel in Slack. While this continues to be true for most companies, larger customers – those with hundreds of channels – have requested the flexibility to more frequently and easily switch between preferred channels.

Within the new search field, end users can…

  • Search for Slack channels to post the “share request”
  • Quickly select a recently used channel (from the list that appears below the search box)
  • And set a newly found channel as the new default channel (for sharing updates)

If a user does not select a channel from this field, the share request will be posted to the default channel that was defined during setup. In any case, the channel where the post will appear is always noted in the header of the new search section.

So give this new feature a try and let us know what you think. It may inspire you to change the way you think about, manage, organize and motivate different employee advocacy groups at your company.

Note: By default, Please Share customers can send share and engagement requests to any “public” channel in their company’s Slack workspace. For companies who would like to be able to send share and engagement requests to “private” channels, we can provide a different installation link. Send us a note if you would like us to share these details.