Product announcement

Introducing a New Subscription Model

Earlier this month, we updated our pricing model to a per user, per month offering to better reflect the needs of our customers.  Up until this point, our monthly and annual subscription options were based on the number of Slack users in a company’s workspace. For example, if a company had 250 users in their

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Something brewing

We’ve Got Something Brewing, Again!

It was basically a year ago when we used this same image to tease out a new initiative that we had been working on. That feature, Feeds, has become the most used functionality by Please Share customers. To date, most companies who use Please Share have set their employee advocacy initiatives on autopilot while making

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new reporting features

New Reporting Capabilities for Tracking ROI

We are excited to announce that we have completed an overhaul of the reporting capabilities within Please Share. Available to all customers, the new functionality is designed to provide more insights on a company’s employee advocacy initiatives, showcase the different types of engagement data collected and reported on, and highlight return on investment using some

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private channels badge

Post to private Slack channels – New feature

Please Share now offers the ability to post updates to private channels in a company’s Slack workspace. Customers can now send share requests and engagement requests to non-public workspace channels. For example, if your company has a private channel for their executive team (e.g., exec-team), they can now send requests from Please Share to that

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Ephemeral Messages

Evolving from Ephemeral Messages in Slack

Please Share is an employee advocacy app specifically designed for Slack. We enable company employees to quickly share and/or engage with approved content directly from Slack and our app does not operate independently of Slack’s platform.  When setting out to create our solution, we were certainly familiar with Slack, but not necessarily its APIs or

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New Engagement Statistics & Functionality

In the coming months, we plan to revamp the statistics that we currently track and report on in Please Share. These enhancements will provide innovative ways for companies to monitor their employee advocacy initiatives and their return on investment (ROI). To (hopefully) hold our customers over until then, we recently introduced several new reporting features

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reimagining employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy, Reimagined

Many years ago, National Geographic published an article contrasting the evolution of telecommunications in different parts of the world. Where Western countries like those in North American and Europe built networks that evolved over many years – from wired to wireless technologies – developing countries were able to leverage the newer technologies when setting up

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