why use employee advocacy

Why Use Employee Advocacy?

Nearly every business and organization today can benefit from an employee advocacy strategy, but the advantages may be different than you would think. Here are four distinct examples of how you, your teammates and your company can use employee advocacy to drive results. To begin though, let’s level set on the concept of employee advocacy.

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marketers using employee advocacy today

How marketers are using employee advocacy today

In the last few weeks, I’ve had enlightening conversations with more than twenty marketers on how they’re using employee advocacy today. It’s a hot topic because, among other impressive business results, employee messages are shared 24 times more frequently than company posts on LinkedIn. No wonder employee advocacy is a key part of today’s content

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Employee advocacy solution ROI

Employee Advocacy ROI for Content Marketing

Goal and metrics for content marketing include unique page visits, downloads, conversion rates and more. To meet and exceed these KPIs you need to get your content out into the world using owned, earned and/or paid distribution. With all that’s involved, distribution is often as complicated, time-consuming and costly as creating the content in the

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