Automatically Remove LinkedIn & Twitter Posts from Slack Channels

Product announcement

Way back in late September, we announced that companies can now add their LinkedIn account or Twitter handle to Please Share as a way to automate the process of boosting engagement with their social media posts. You can read about that announcement here.

Beta Feedback

As with so many software technology enhancements, it’s helpful to beta test with select customers prior to introducing a new feature to a broader customer base. End users understand that they may encounter some unidentified bugs during the beta testing period, but their feedback can drive important improvements and modifications.

A key piece of feedback we received while testing our new engagement functionality – or what we like to call feeds – is that companies want to keep their employees focused on the most current news, posts and updates. Admittedly, we had a sense this might be the case, but it was good to receive additional validation.

Social Media Feeds + Please Share

Our new “feeds” functionality automatically fetches new company posts on LinkedIn and Twitter and sends them to a designated Slack channel where employees – at their convenience – can like, share/retweet, or comment/reply to the posts (directly from Slack). Increasingly, many of our customers are opting to use feeds in place of sending share requests.

As companies add social media posts and Please Share sends them to Slack, the channel where the updates appear can become cluttered – i.e., an individual participating in their company’s employee advocacy program may not be aware of which post(s) they’re being asked to engage with. Granted, any engagement is helpful, but should they engage with the latest post or the last 10 posts, etc.

And if a company posts 3 updates per week on both Twitter and LinkedIn, in a typical month, there might be as many as 24 new updates in that Slack channel.

Automatically Remove Posts from Slack

To solve this challenge and to help employees focus on the most current engagement requests, we added the ability to automatically delete Tweets and LinkedIn posts from Slack. When adding a feed source in Please Share, administrators will see an option to automatically remove a post after 1-15 days (or not at all). 

For example, if a company chooses to remove their LinkedIn posts from a designated Slack channel after 1 day, the post will appear to company employees for 24 hours before it is automatically removed by Please Share.

The primary benefit of this feature is that it enables each Please Share customer to determine what’s in the best interest of their company’s employee advocacy initiatives and help steer employees to the most relevant engagement requests. 

If a company only posts to LinkedIn once a week, it makes sense to set the auto-delete window to 7-14 days. Conversely, if a company posts to LinkedIn multiple times a day, they may decide to tighten the auto delete period to a few days.

In our experience, customers typically start with a longer timeframe for keeping posts in Slack before adjusting the settings to remove posts after 1-3 days.

It’s Easy to Get Started with Feeds

If you’re new to Please Share, getting started with our feeds functionality is just a matter of a few simple steps.

  • Add Please Share to your company’s Slack workspace
  • Complete the registration process
  • And then add a few feed sources

We take it from there!

All new companies start with a 14-day free trial. Get started today by clicking the Add to Slack button on our homepage.