Product announcement

Introducing a New Subscription Model

Earlier this month, we updated our pricing model to a per user, per month offering to better reflect the needs of our customers.  Up until this point, our monthly and annual subscription options were based on the number of Slack users in a company’s workspace. For example, if a company had 250 users in their

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Please Share video series banner

Employee Advocacy Overview: Video

Welcome to our new video series! In this first video, we offer an employee advocacy overview, highlighting the Please Share employee advocacy solution. We discuss why employee advocacy is important, employee advocacy benefits and why marketers and social media managers should use an employee advocacy solution like Please Share. What is employee advocacy and why

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line in the sand

A Line That We Won’t Cross

A recent press release, from a service that overlaps with Please Share, touted a new feature that gives company administrators the ability to post social media updates on behalf of their employees. This is not the first time we have seen a service offer a feature like this. Granted, almost all of these solutions require

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employee advocacy program start

7 Reasons to Have an Employee Advocacy Program

Recently I described how to develop an employee advocacy program. Naturally, one’s first thought is “Do I really need an entire program? Can’t I simply deploy employee advocacy tactics and get the same results?” Let’s look at the reasons to have an employee advocacy program in place compared to an ad hoc, informal approach to employee

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employee advocacy program

What Is an Employee Advocacy Program?

As we’ve pointed out in previous posts, there are many benefits to employee advocacy, both for companies and employees. To get the most out of those benefits, you need an employee advocacy program. An employee advocacy program uses a systematic approach that includes a documented, ongoing process, takes advantage of marketing technology for delivery of

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