A Line That We Won’t Cross

line in the sand

A recent press release, from a service that overlaps with Please Share, touted a new feature that gives company administrators the ability to post social media updates on behalf of their employees.

This is not the first time we have seen a service offer a feature like this. Granted, almost all of these solutions require an employee's approval, but we've always found this approach to be unethical and misleading (i.e., did an employee actually post that message).

At Please Share, this functionality is a line we won't cross. As a Slack app, we make it super easy for individuals to share and engage with company content on social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. Without leaving the Slack app, employees can like or share a post in just a few seconds.

The key is that each employee must explicitly take an action to share or engage with a post. In other words, an employee must feel inspired or motivated to actually do his or her part to promote a particular company message.

With Please Share, no one else can do that on their behalf and, in our opinion, that's the way it should be.