7 Reasons to Use Please Share for Employee Advocacy

laptop with Please Share app

While we designed Please Share to be simple to implement and use, we know that the evaluation process may not be as straightforward. Between bosses, budgets, projects, meetings, busy schedules, COVID and introducing a new approach/technology to your company, there are always a number of inherent obstacles.

If you are on the fence as to whether or not to use Please Share, here are seven considerations for why your company should adopt our employee advocacy solution.

1. Easy for Marketers

Please Share is brilliantly simple to use. Just enter approved social media messages in the Please Share web app, preview the message and hit Post to send the update directly to your Slack channel. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (or something like that).

2. Simple for Employees

Because Please Share was specifically built for Slack, there’s no need for your team to register for, or log into, another mobile app or web portal to share updates. Your employees use Slack on a daily basis so it’s naturally part of their existing workflows. They simply click two buttons and posts are shared, without ever leaving Slack.

3. Much Better Than Email

Most companies send news updates for their team to share via email, but those messages tend to get buried in already cluttered inboxes and ignored. Plus, if they do want to take action, your team must go through the excruciatingly tedious process (seriously) of actually copying the content from an email, going to a web browser, typing in the social media website URL, logging into the service and then posting the update. Whew, we’re exhausted just thinking about this.

4. Super Effective

Since it only takes a few seconds for employees to share messages using Please Share, you can expect higher overall engagement and participation. Who can’t spare an extra 5 seconds to post an update? Higher employee participation, in turn, delivers better results in terms of creating awareness and driving traffic.

5. Incredibly Affordable

There is no reason employee advocacy solutions need to cost thousands of dollars a month unless, of course, the vendor is a) greedy, b) backed by professional investors (hey, VCs gotta eat, right?), or c) has to manage the overhead of a content portal and several mobile apps. Take those things away and you can offer a much more affordable solution – kind of like what we’ve done.

6. One of A Kind

Check out our competitors. Their solutions are cumbersome for you to manage and for your teams to use. They force your team to learn and adopt to yet another application. Say “no” to more apps. Say “yes” to Slack and Please Share!

7. Monitor ROI

Please Share automatically tracks shares and clicks on a monthly, yearly and per update basis, making it super easy to oversee the performance on your employee advocacy initiatives. Each click can also be assigned to a dollar amount (e.g., $1.50) so you can associate a tangible monetary value to the content your team shares. Hey, it’s one way to make the folks in finance your best buds.

So there you have it – 7 reasons to use employee advocacy - specifically, Please Share. Now are you interested in giving us a look? Sign up for our beta program or, if you still have questions, send us an email.